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About Esmalglass-Itaca:

Esmalglass started its industrial and commercial activity in 1979 (Castellon, Spain), with the aim of marketing and producing frits, glazes and ceramic colours. Esmalglass also focused on providing its customers much needed technical assistance, design and a vision of the future that nobody had proposed so far. Due to this service structure Esmalglass grew to be a standard in the main markets of Ceramics and Esmalglass established its headquarters in Italy.

Itaca started its activity in 1989 in La Pobla Tornesa (Castellón, Spain) and were dedicated to the manufacturing and trading of Ceramic colours. They based their strategy in continuous compromise with the customers and implementing the latest innovations in the production process and design, with effective technical service and a firm support to its customer for developing new market trends.

In 1999, Esmalglass and Itaca joined and started Esmalglass-Itaca Group.

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Nowadays the Group have grown to position itself in the most important ceramic markets of the world. Esmalglass-Itaca group have more than 1300 people worldwide working together with the same aim: Our Customers’ Satisfaction.

Esmalglass-Itaca focuses on highest quality, customer-oriented service and the best technical assistance. They have created a global network that allows them to quickly reach their customers. Esmalglass-Itaca are currently present in 15 countries with 25 locations. In addition to the two Spanish facilities, Esmalglass (Villarreal) and Itaca (Pobla Tornesa). There are plants in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Russia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, 3 facilities in Brazil, 2 facilities in Indonesia and 7 facilities in China.

Esmalglass-Itaca group partnered with IES Group for the expansion of its network in the ever evolving Ceramic Market of Pakistan. We at IES cater to all the requirements of a Ceramic Industry, our trained personnel are responsible for providing Technical assistance and support to our Clients across Pakistan.

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