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About Kirsch Pharma GMBH:

Kirsch Pharma GMBH started in 1980 in Isernhagen near Hannover, now the company Headquarter is in Salzgitter, Germnay. Kirsch Pharma GMBH has been a supplier of individual products in premium quality for over 35 years. As an independent, owner-operated company, they are in a position to meet your specific requirements. Kirsch Pharma GMBH are specialised in providing the customers with premium quality raw materials and preparations for individual requirements in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the fields of special nutrition, biotechnology, veterinary and cosmetics.

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Kirsch Pharma GMBH Today:

Kirsch Pharma GMBH have more than 150 employees working globally. The Head Quarters is in Germany while they have 5 subsidiaries in Spain, South Africa, China, Singapore and Australia. Kirsch Pharma GMBH is a GMP certified company that have a broad portfolio of Pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients, which is analyzed according to current pharmacopeias and individual customer specifications. Since 40 years Kirsch Pharma GMBH has a close relationship with companies like Pfizer, Sartorius, GSK, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Danone, Nestle, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Hikma etc.

Most global companies do prefer to get their materials from Kirsch Pharma GMBH as the company is flexible to provide all the required documentation for customers. Kirsch Pharma GMBH’s QA and QC departments do have a very close contact with the strongest chemical laboratories to provide the best services to their customers.

Pakistan have a highly developed Pharmaceutical Industry, which is a mixture of top International firms as well as renowned local producers working on international standards. Kirsch Pharma GMBH realizes the need of quality required by Pakistan Pharmaceutical companies and the necessity of having proper documentation. Kirsch Pharma GMBH partnered with IES Group to fulfill the growing needs of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry, we at IES have an efficient team responsible for the Marketing and Technical assistance for Kirsch Pharma GMBH products.

Kirsch Pharma GMBH Production Facility:

Kirsch Pharma GMBH are specialized in providing tailor-made product solutions that will help you make your production process more efficient, resulting in first-class products. Their manufacturing facilities use modern technology to ensure that they can always produce ingredients in exact special quality that you require. The quality of the raw materials is continually tested and compliant with the highest international standards..

Kirsch Pharma GMBH process the raw materials by blending, crushing, milling, sieving, compacting and granulating until they meet the individual’s requirement. In addition, Kirsch Pharma GMBH handle the filling of the products into the packaging units you need. They offer more than a thousand different packaging and product combinations ranging from small packaging up to special packs, also in the requested batch size..

Kirsch Pharma GMBH Global Supply:

Kirsch pharma GMBH carry out the complete range of process stages for you, starting with the selection and qualification of raw materials, followed by the manufacturing of your products, up to packing and on-time delivery. The raw materials they use for physical modification are sourced from selected co-producers. Their quality is continuously tested and compliant with the highest international standards.

Kirsch Pharma GMBH guarantee to supply products globally from the same manufacturers in consistent premium quality. Kirsch Pharma GMBH also offer comparable alternatives from pre-qualified second source suppliers if necessary. In this case the subsequent change in control processes are managed efficiently and professionally by our competent employees. In this way we guarantee the delivery to you on-time and in full.

Kirsch Pharma GMBH Products:

Kirsch Pharma GMBH provides Excipients and Active Ingredient for the following sectors